Output Sorting Conveyors

output sorting conveyorsOur Output Sorting Conveyors are designed to be ergonomic around the operator and the machine’s service needs.  The conveyor, mounted on linear guides, allows the user flexibilty to position the conveyor close to or away from any saw, for the collection of sawn parts.

OSC-8 Specifications:

  • Unit Length:   96″ or  72″
  • Unit Width:    Standard 20″ wide
  • Unit Height:   Standard 36″ high + Adjustable leveling feet & anchor hole positions
  • Unit Weight:  700 Lbs.
  • Table Conveyor Width:  7.5″ or  6″ wide
  • Table Fence:  (3) pieces, adjustable – 35″long x 0.50″thick x 3″high
  • Table Slide Off Table:  8″ wide
  • Table Conveyor Movement:  Lockable, 2 hand knobs – 24″ throw