Introducing a Small Footprint 8″OD Capacity Circular Saw…

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Introducing the TK5C-200G Automatic Tipped Circular Carbide Saw.


Built with floor space savings in mind, this robust handler of up to 8.00″ OD diameter ferrous materials uses only 95″ x 299.5″ of floor space to handle and cut 20’0″ long x 8″ diameter steel logs.  This impressive 13,646.lbs. saw, with its solid cast base, provides the most vibration free cutting in the industry.

The all new TK5C-200G CNC is a fully automatic carbide sawing machine that has been developed by combining Tsune’s long experience with the latest in machine design technology.  This high production machine provides almost dry, close tolerance parts with CNC control of all cutting parameters, and a minimum of operator intervention.  It is outfitted with a 660 mm (26 in) x 3.7 mm (0.145 in), saw blade, tipped with either cermet/carbide and driven, by a powerful 30 Hp motor.

The machine comes standard with a high discharge, steel hinge belt goose neck chip conveyor and automatic sorting chute and can be outfitted with a chain/flat style or incline style auto-loading magazine to support 20’0″ long bar stock.  Its’ cutting range is from 1.2″ to 8.0″ round stock and 1.2″ to 7.0″ square or rectangular stock.  Program lengths are from 0.600″ or longer with a very short remnant.  Minimum or fully integrated automated out-feed sorting can be incorporated with this machine with major in-put from the buyer for specifications of just exactly how exiting materials need to be handled.

TK5C-200G Pic Cropped

Tsune will be introducing this model at the November 2013 – Fabtech Show in Chicago, IL at the McCormick Exhibition Hall, Booth #S-2384.  Come and see this machine under power and take a good look its ergonomic design, one that will surely impress the most skeptical of production saw buyers and users.

TK5C-200G Saw & Output Sorting System

*Above Shown with Optional Exit Side Sorting System and Flat/Chain Auto-Loading Magazine System