TK5M-150GL – 6.0″ Ø Capacity

Automatic High Production CNC Circular Saw

  • Saw head mounted on linear guidesTK5M-150GL
  • Ball screw saw head feed
  • Variable cutting speed via inverter drive
  • Brass blade guides
  • Tipped saw blades
  • Automatic incline magazine
  • Ball screw material gripper feed
  • Dual clamping horizontal/vertical
  • Chip collection system required
  • Automatic trim/remnant sorting
  • CNC control with touchscreen
  • Diagnostics and error code display
  • Automatic saw blade protection

The experts at Tsune America are available to discuss with you and advise solutions to problems involving high production and high precision sawing. We are experienced in the application of the latest narrow kerf, tipped saw blade sawing technology as well as solid carbide and cold saw blade applications, and we are able to offer state-of-the-art Tsune sawing systems to meet your needs.


See Video of the TK5M-150GL:

Tsune 6 Inch Capacity CNC Circular Saw For Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Materials

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