Material Sensor Adjustment (Roller)

Make adjustments with the GFC vise fully open and free of material.

Step 1.
Check the adjustment of the out of stock lever. the centerline of the roller bearings should be slightly below or behind the surface face of the GFC vise jaw.

If required, use the adjusting screw marked (A) to make the necessary adjustments.

Step 2.
Adjust the out of stock sensor by means of the moveable mounting plate that holds the sensor.

Loosen the locking screws marked (B) then the mounting plate and sensor may be adjusted toward and away from the out of stock lever. In addition to the adjustment above, the sensor may be adjusted in the opposite axis by means of the two locking nuts located on the sensor body marked (C).

Adjust the sensor to the end of the lever so that when the out of stock lever is moved toward the sensor by 1/16 of an inch, the light in the sensor body will be red.

After adjusting the sensor, clamp a piece of material in the GFC vise using the manual controls of the saw. The sensor light should now be green.

Note: When the out of stock lever is resting against the adjusting screw, the light of the out stock sensor should be off.