Finally a web tool that has been developed for pre-planning cutting requirements for Forging, Steel Service Centers and Fabricating Machine Shops.  Not only can you report the prospective cutting job to your computer screen, but you can send it to concerned participants on the job, via a local printer, email or Smart phone outputs.  See prospective cutting requirements outlined with all critical information pertaining to the application.

The reporting is clear, accurate and provides a smart tool for selecting which machine in your cutting bay to assign a cutting job.

Tsune America provides this web tool by permission to its customers using our machines and disposable saw blades.  No charge for the web tool.

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  • Quick Steel Cutting Estimates
  • Job Review for Prospective Machine Assignment
  • Full Job Disclosure for Bar Usage and Piece Output, Tool Life Expectancy


  • Automatic US and Metric Dimensional Conversions ( On the fly)
  • Use of Large Steel Library
  • Automatic Suggestion of Proper Blade Selection and Chip Load
  • Complete Results Outlining:
                    1. Net Cutting Time / Part to Part Cycle Time
                    2. Estimated Blade Life
                    3. Parts Per Hour (Based on Operational Efficiency)
                    4. Bar Utilization calculated
                    5. Best blade Life & Aggressive Chip Load recommendations

                    6. Multiple scenarios based on blade type