The Sawculator – Hottest New Tool for Crunching Numbers!


How would you like to have at  No Charge, the missing piece that completes your job cost estimating?  Read on….

Finally a web tool has been developed for pre-planning cutting requirements for Forging, Steel Service Centers and Fabricating Machine Shops. The strength of this new web tool is the ability to provide real time production estimates for quoting potential jobs. Based on an internal material library you now immediately see all data critical to the quoting anaylsis: blade life estimate, parts per hour,  recommended chip load, rpm and saw blade selection are provided. In addition, the number of bars used, as well as hours to produce the required quantity is included.

Prospective jobs are outlined with all the pertinent information reported in a clear, accurate format.

Tsune America provides the Sawculator at No Charge to its customers using our machines and disposable saw blades, via a permission form.

Call us or better yet, fill out the “Permission Form” and get access to the best number cruncher you have ever used!