Which machine is right for you?

So you need a cold saw and you are ready to take the step of introducing your needs CNC precision cutting.

Is that about right?

Tsune America offers equipment high production sawing cold that cuts across a wide range of material grades, sizes and shapes. Tsune produces cold saws ferrous and stainless steel 0.375 “to 10.25″ OD Cold saws for non-ferrous applications range from 0.375 “to 6.0″ OD The high precision ATR 63 series has a range of 0.100 “to 1.60 “OD CNC machines series are complete with automatic tilt magazine system, the sorting of output cuts and remnants of equipment and chip conveyor.

Tsune America experts are available to discuss and advise solutions to problems involving high production and high precision sawing. We have expertise in implementing the latest disposable narrow cut, saw blades gave solid carbide and spreadsheet applications cold greenhouse. We are able to offer cold sawing systems of the state of the art Tsune to meet your needs.

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